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Our Outward Remittance service helps you transfer money outside the country in a swift manner. You may send money abroad to a beneficiary for various personal or business purposes. Ii) As no protection against frauds on the face of cheques is available in such cases , the facility of loans, etc. against such cheques/instruments should be extended only where branches are satisfied with the bonafides of the transaction and availability of recourse, if required.

Travelers Cheques are safe and secure because if they are ever lost or stolen, they may be refunded. You can retain upto specified limits, your earnings in foreign exchange, in an Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency Account with a bank in India. The balances held in these accounts can be used for any purpose for which foreign exchange can be bought from a bank in India. When in India, for making payment in foreign exchange for purchase of books and other items through Internet. You can buy foreign exchange upto US$ 5,000, or amount prescribed by country of emigration on the basis of emigration visa. A Travel Insurance ensures that you and your family would be protected for emergency medical expenses and many other unforeseen costs during a trip overseas.

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Banks are also permitted to release exchange required in excess of US$ 50,000, on the basis of estimate from a doctor or hospital in India or overseas. You can carry any amount of Indian currency while travelling to these countries, but you are not permitted to take Indian currency notes of denomination of Rs.500 and above or buy any foreign exchange for visit to these countries. You can avail of foreign exchange upto US$ 10,000 in any calendar year for tourism or private travel to any country other than Nepal and Bhutan on the basis of self-certification.

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In some of the markets, clearing / settlement system can take more than 1 day, i.e. 2-4 days for return clearing and, therefore, for final funds settlement. Further, in some countries like USA the recall of funds from the collecting banker can occur even after the time for return clearing for an undefined period , in cases where National Clearing involves more than one Fed Zone. There are also countries like Germany where cheques are no more the preferred mode of payments and clearing takes place on a weekly basis. A brief description of different types of settlement processes prevailing in foreign countries has been given in Annexure III. Just like credit and debit cards, travel cards are accepted worldwide.

  • As soon as possible, sign your name on the upper signature line to help protect yourself in case of loss or theft.
  • Remittance by tour operators / travel agents to overseas agents / principals/ hotels.
  • On your location or alternatively Email us.Click hereto register for our secure Email service.
  • Travellers Cheques are offered in major currencies like USD, GBP, Euro, CAD, AUD and JPY.
  • If the rupee equivalent exceeds Rs.50,000/-, the entire payment has to be made by way of a crossed cheque/banker’s cheque/pay order/demand draft only.

The Bank will endeavour to get payment of the instrument based on the photocopy/scanned image of the instrument, wherever the practice is prevalent. The Bank will bear the actual charges of recording Stop Payment instructions levied by drawee bank. The Bank will also reimburse the customer with actual charges levied by the drawer / bank in issuing duplicate cheques/instrument, subject to a maximum of Rs.250/-. Collection of cheques at various foreign centers differs vastly from the process prevalent in India, both in advanced markets and developing countries and also from country to country within these two sub-groups.

Service Requests

Processing fees for registration of documents as required by other Governments. Remittance under educational tie up arrangements with universities abroad. Travellers Cheques are offered in major currencies like USD, GBP, Euro, CAD, AUD and JPY. Your account is registered but not verified.Please check your Email Or click hereto Resend Email Verification Link.

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Whether you are a student, business traveller or a vacationer, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each option. 7.7.5 Compensation as detailed above shall be paid without any formal demand from customers. I) FCNR / NRE TDR Receipt should be mailed / handed over to the depositor only after the cooling period is over. E) Cheques denominated in Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Singapore Dollar payable in their respective countries. D) Cheques denominated in US$ & €, payable in countries other than USA/Euro Countries. Always use the customer care numbers displayed on Bank’s official website.

Procedure For Collection Of International Cheques/Instruments

To redeem, sign your Travelers Cheque on the lower signature line in front of the person accepting your Cheques. It is highly recommended that you call the location prior to your visit and verify fees, limits, restrictions, exchange rates and availability. On your location or alternatively Email us.Click hereto register for our secure Email service. And submit the duly signed application form along with required documents Viz. Board Resolution / Partnership Letter with Deed / Trust, Society, Club Resolution Letter/ HUF Letter etc. and also the KYC documents of the Authorised Users immediately to the parent Branch.

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You can open a Resident Foreign Currency Account with a bank in India and deposit foreign exchange earnings repatriated to India through banking channel. The earnings could be out of export of goods and/or services, royalty, honorarium etc. There is no compulsion for you to get your passport endorsed with the foreign exchange purchased for travel outside India. Should you desire to get your passport endorsed, the bank/money changer releasing foreign exchange would do it. Traveller’s Cheques are pre-printed cheques that can be exchanged for cash while travelling abroad. These are easily replaced if lost or stolen, and they never expire.

The travellers cheque indiaframe mentioned above is the outer limit and once the instruments are realized, subject to expiry of the relevant cooling period, if any, proceeds will be credited to the customer’s account. At the time of visit to our branch, you can tender foreign currency notes/foreign travellers’ cheques. CDF form is required if the currency notes exceeds USD 5,000 or its equivalent and if foreign travellers’ cheques and foreign currency notes together exceed USD 10,000 or its equivalent. Taxi fares, tips and other such small expenses can be easily settled with cash. You can get foreign currency from your bank, money lenders and authorised travel agencies. On returning, you can exchange any remaining foreign currency for rupees.

A four-digit PIN and a signature-based authentication process make their usage secure. Some travel cards offer complimentary insurance for protection against fraudulent usage. While loading the card, you get a locked-in exchange rate, so you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuation. The cross-currency charges, at an average of 3% of the transaction value, are slightly higher than on travellers’ cheques, and a little lower than on credit/debit cards. Some cards come with an inactivity fee, which can be as high as $5 . You also have to pay a sale fee of around Rs 300 while purchasing the card and reloading it.

You can remit foreign exchange outside India upto US$ 500, for miscellaneous purposes, without production of any document provided the rupee equivalent is paid by debit to your account, cheque or by demand draft. The use of ICCs by residents while on visit abroad has been made free from all restrictions, without any item-wise limit within the overall ceiling of the credit card itself. The ICCs cannot be used for purchase of prohibited items e.g. lottery tickets, banned or proscribed magazines, participation in sweepstakes, payment of call-back services etc. You can buy foreign exchange on the basis of self-certification, upto US$ 50,000 to meet the expenses for medical treatment outside India.

Iii) In the event of the proceeds of cheque under collection being required to be credited to an overdraft / loan account of the customer, interest will be paid at the rate applicable to the loan account, if the delay is less than 45 days. For abnormal delays, i.e. beyond 45 days, interest will be paid at the rate of 2 % above the applicable interest rate to the loan account. Foreign Currency Instrument Collections can be lodged in three different schemes subject to accepted currency and payable country, as below – Final Credit Scheme – Available only for USD currency.

Commission charges may apply and can vary by country or exchange partner. Exchange limits may apply due to local regulations and exchange policies. There are thousands of foreign exchange partners in countries around the world where you can exchange your American Express Travelers Cheques for local currency.Click hereto find places to redeem your Travelers Cheques. It may also be possible to redeem your Travelers Cheques directly for goods and services. American Express usually process claims & initiate payments within 5 business days.

You can also use these to withdraw cash in the local currency and check the balance in your account at ATMs. You can buy travellers’ cheques in various denominations and currencies from banks, money changers or even travel operators. They do not have an expiry date and are accepted in more than 200 countries.

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You give Amexco all reasonable information and help requested to make a complete investigation of the loss or theft. Amexco reserves the right to investigate the loss or theft and to verify compliance with this Purchase Agreement and shall not be responsible for any delays resulting from such an investigation. You promptly report all facts of the loss or theft to Amexco and also to the police if Amexco asks you to. Travelers Cheques are welcomed at thousands of locations worldwide .

I) Type of settlement process in foreign countries for collection of cheques. F) It is clarified that Travellers cheques issued by various Banks/Entities in various currencies will continue to be paid at designated branches as per bilateral arrangement in place, as advised by Global Markets , Kolkata, from time to time. Direct Collection Scheme – All FCY Cheques/DDs that cannot be lodged under FCS & CLS are accepted under DCS, subject to certain terms and conditions. In this scheme, the FCY cheque/other instruments are directly sent to drawee Bank without any intermediary for collection. Received credit would be final without possibility of return and without re-course to the Customer. Avail Indian rupees against foreign currency cheques and DD with Axis Bank’s foreign currency instrument collection service provided to NRIs.

Commission charges may apply and can vary by country and/or exchange partner. Before you travel we recommend that you click hereto find the most convenient Travelers Cheque exchange locations, along with any information about fees that they have shared with us. You can buy foreign exchange upto US$ 5,000 on production of letter of employment. You can buy foreign exchange upto US$ 30,000 or upto the estimate from the institution abroad, whichever is higher, per academic year on the basis of simple documentary evidence indicating the requirement. Once you’ve got your travel card from your bank, it’s all up to you. You choose when and where you’d like to spend it, and transactions become very convenient.

Click the “Email” icon below to register for our secure Email service. You have safeguarded the Cheque as a prudent person would safeguard a like amount of cash. You have not given the Cheque to another person or company to hold or keep, or as part of a confidence game. You have signed the Travelers Cheque in the upper left-hand corner in permanent ink. Write down your serial numbers and keep them with you when you travel, separated from your Travelers Cheques.

Ii) In case of abnormal delay, i.e. delays exceeding 45 days, interest will be paid at term deposit rate applicable for the period and for delays beyond 90 days, 2%above the applicable term deposit rate. All charges in addition to Axis Bank charges are to be borne by the beneficiary which are adjusted from the realized amount or recovered from customer’s account in case if the cheque gets returned unpaid. You promptly inform Amexco of the serial number of the lost or stolen Cheque and the place and date of its purchase.


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