In Switzerland, all STOs are regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority — the local financial markets regulator. FINMA supports STO projects, reviews token proposals, and confirms the designation of the offering. As a result, security token holders can substantially reduce the costs and processing time of their transactions. Plus, because the number of intermediaries is so much lower, the risks of corruption and manipulation by third parties are almost eliminated. Security tokens, for their part, are regarded as a form of investment and they derive value from being a tradable external asset. They are subject to federal laws and if they fail to comply with those regulations, this may have unfortunate consequences, the most severe being penalties or even shutdown of the project development.

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These tokens are basically made using a smart contract mechanism and developed within the SEC norms of the government. Emmanuel has been a content writer for 6 years with a specific interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Outside of work, Emmanuel loves spending time with family, playing soccer, and traveling. Furthermore, STOs provide investors with quick liquidity and ease of business, as trading can be done 24/7 with minimal paperwork. This means that the token already possesses some worth which is based on the value it provides to token holder, irrespective of potential value of the token. In addition, certain restrictions can also be imposed on token transfer.


They bring regulation to blockchain-enabled crowdfunding and offer multiple benefits to investors. Asset tokenization opens up a plethora of investment opportunities for everyone, from large hedge funds backed by Wall Street to retail investors trading on Robinhood. For example, a Picasso artwork worth $10 million could be tokenized into 10,000 pieces — such that each piece is worth $1,000. Tokenization will democratize access to assets and offer superior levels of accessibility and granularity. A utility token is a token that provides the buyer with future access to a product or service or gives the buyer certain voting rights within the network. However, the Securities and Exchange Commission argues that many of the offered tokens are, in fact, a security token as both buyer and seller expect a rise in token price resulting in a profit.

This is what gave birth to the security token offering, also called STO. You should always create your security tokens from the most recognized security token development service provider in the industry. The risks occurring in the investments are avoided by this feature which in turn increases the investment potential. STO token development services set the worth of the tokens based on the demand and supply. It offers a more fair and accurate valuation of assets due to the presence of a free and competitive market. An STO development company helps to craft security tokens and sell them to investors.

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Monkhub is an Information technology company providing services in emerging tech like Blockchain, NFT development, AR/VR/MR, Game and App development. We assist businesses in design, product development and revenue generation with the touch of peculiarity. At this phase, an appropriate jurisdiction is selected that supports the project’s vision. This selection helps the project to incorporate and sell its token offerings. ICOs are easy to launch and don’t require any regulation that protects the investor’s money. In contrast, STOs are launched through strict and structured government policies and regulations.

However, since security tokens are programmable, the regulations can be embedded in the code. It means that regulations become exponentially easier and automatic once the system is set up. As such, you need an experienced team with business backgrounds as well as experts in a range of fields, depending on what assets you’re securitising. Unlike an ICO, which relies more on the technology to create value, security tokens derive value from the business operations, so it needs to be a tight ship.

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They offer significantly greater value to token holders while reducing the risk. Our lawyers are well-versed in the legal and practical issues that arise in the context of planning, developing, and offering security tokens in the US. We help our clients develop a comprehensive STO strategy that anticipates and responds effectively to the arising challenges. The first security token offering was launched by Blockchain Capital on April 10, 2017. Since then, STOs have continued to gain traction throughout 2018 and 2019 to this day. Despite a similar appearance and terminology, issuing security tokens has nothing to do with tokenized securities.

benefits of sto

This blockchain has been utilized for several crypto-based services. Therefore, STO has played a tremendous role throughout the history of the blockchain industry. Using an STO instead of an IPO can add more flexibility for companies looking to offer shares without being subject to localized regulations or traditional guidelines. STOs are also easier to get into the hands of modern investors, easier to liquidate, and generally more conducive to the free market environment. STOs are more flexible than IPOs and can be much more cost-effective due to lower fees.

What is a security token offering (STO)?

All of a sudden, an organisation can offer their security to the global market, giving it a much higher chance of success. In addition, launching an IPO in multiple markets would generally involve a lot of fees to banks and advisors in the different markets. This is not the case during an STO, thereby lowering the fees to raise funds.

benefits of sto

A token is a security token if it fulfils the four criteria set out in the Howey Test. A security token offers the buyer certain rights and obligations in a particular asset, whether it be a stake in a company or ownership of real estate, art or digital assets. STOs require you to create your own tokens as well as a platform to manage their sale. Get this crucial technological part wrong and you’ll end up in financial and legal hot water.

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This allows investors to act on new information quickly and stay in an advantageous position. Typically security tokens are traded on specialized token exchanges, which are required to conduct thorough investigations into what is sto token listings as well as multiple investor onboarding procedures. Security tokens are normally programmed with unique features and have the regulatory protection that is characteristic of traditional securities.

  • With tokenization, the investors can have access to their investment fund without the need of middleman.
  • These details play a crucial part in accepting a project’s token offering.
  • As blockchain technology attempts to revolutionize the financial space, the STO market is indeed one to watch in the coming days.
  • As a result, Security tokens were issued using Security Token Offering .
  • Companies that want to go public need to make a large upfront investment.
  • A token is a representation of a non-cash asset like rights to a specific business share or an ownership stake.


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